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Extreme / Ollie

Our Extreme Collection with quality cow leather represents the extreme sport activities involving speed, height and excitement.

Pick among our five neon colors and their unique design. Our high quality leather friend will stay with you and your passion for many years to come. With straight card pockets and deep lining it’s the perfect everyday or first wallet.

Our black model Ollie represents mystery, sophistication and confidence. Black is the color or power, control and discipline.


Extreme / 360-Spin

Our ​lagoon blue model​ 360-Spin​ represents ​trust, responsibility​ and calmness. ​Blue is the color of ​security and confidence.


Extreme 5-0 Grind

Our yellow model 5-0 Grind represents create enthusiasm, confident and optimism. Yellow is the color of challenge and strength.


Extreme / V-Kick

Our​ orange model​ V-Kick represents ​energy, emotional strength and spontaneity. ​Orange is the color of ​spirit, optimism and risk-taking.


Premium Blue

High quality leather and suede details makes the finish of the classic line more personalized than ever. Pick amongst our four colors and unique designs. Find your own match, our quality leather friend will stay with you for many years to come. Our first landscape classic wallet comes in a midnight blue leather. With its suede lining Hudson is the perfect attire for a sophisticated marine look.


Premium Green

In two shades of green with beautiful straight pockets Olive speaks of authentic countryside manners. A functional landscape mode in a traditional dark olive.


Premium Black

Our black model is a genuine classic in high quality textured leather. With straight card pockets and deep suede lining it is the perfect every day wallet.


Premium Brown

The uncooked edginess of our brown premium wallet is emphasized by its raw cut edges and genuine color. The Byron wallet keeps a simple and down to earth style.


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